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  • 上海辦公室裝修公司

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    朗藝簡介Langyi introduction
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       上海朗藝裝飾設計工程有限公司是一家專業致力于辦公室裝修、工業廠房裝修裝潢的專業裝飾公司。有著多年的設計、施工、管理經驗。 專業承接各類型辦公室、寫字樓、廠房、店鋪、專賣店、商業場所及辦公商務樓室內外建筑裝修裝潢裝飾設計和施工工程。 具有大型工程的設計、施工及管理經驗。 公司有著完整的組織機構和嚴格的管理制度, 擁有專業的設計人員,技術人員,管理人員;擁有專業、固定的施工隊伍, 確保工程質量。“客戶稱心,我們安心”是我們公司的宗旨,也是公司全體員工的行為規范, 更是公司贏得客戶的鄭重承諾。“將心比心,誠信誠意”是公司與客戶溝通、 理解和信任的保證,尊重和維護客戶的利益是我們辦企業的標準, 真心做到讓客戶省心、放心、稱心是我們公司的宗旨。注重設計、施工、管理三要素的一條龍配套服務, 歷來抓“質量是生命,信譽是根本”。從設計、預算、簽約到施工、驗收、保修, 每個環節我們都以我們專業規范精細的操作、層層把關,從而奠定了我們在上海裝飾行業的生存基礎和信譽,并在滬上很多寫字樓及工業園區中擁有成功案例。



       Shanghai Langyi decorative design engineering Co. Ltd. is a professional decoration company committed to office decoration, plant decoration, with many years of design, construction and management experience. Professional to undertake various types of decoration designs and construction works of office, office buildings, factories, shops, stores, commercial facilities and the indoor and outdoor construction of commercial office buildings. With large-scale engineering design, construction and management experience. The company has a complete organizational structure and strict management system, and has a professional design staff, technical staff and management staff; and also has a professional and fixed construction team so as to ensure project quality. "Customer satisfaction, our peace of mind" is the purpose of our company, but also the conduct code of all the staff, and what’s more, it is the solemn commitment to win customers by company. "Feel for others, integrity in good faith" is the guarantee of company to communicate with, understand and trust customer. Respect and safeguard the interests of customers’ clients are our business criteria. Really let customers peace of mind, rest assured, satisfied is our company's purposes. Pay attention to the coordinated supporting services of three elements as design, construction and management. Always grasp the "quality is life, credibility is fundamental, customer is god". From the design, budget and signing to the construction, acceptance and warranty, each link we will check with our most professional, sophisticated and fine operation, which laid the foundation for our survival basis and credibility in decoration industry in, and has successful cases of many office buildings and industrial park of Shanghai.




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